Rapid and lean wireframing sketches used to demonstrate potential solutions in early conceptual stages.

Project Brief: Create a content center for various editorial pieces with a shared sub-navigation. Hub would host 6 categories for an intuitive segmentation of articles.

The Goal: Create a flow that keeps users engaged, while browsing articles.

UX Task: Develop an interface that is user friendly, allowing users to navigate through editorial categories, while displaying a small selection of each segment.


Taking the rapid wireframing to the next phase and converting them to high-fidelity prototypes to share with leadership and testing.


Designing for various screen sizes is key to capturing the broadest net of audiences; here is the next step in completing the content hub project.


In an effort to find the benefits in adding a store aisle locator to our website for customers shopping instore. I explored the in store flow of customers and associates in regards to item location need.


• To see the interaction patterns between store associate and customer needs within "Store of the future"

• To learn customer journey before and after store purchase.

• To look at how associates navigate through aisles.


• There were approximately 8 customers in the store hunting for a product.

• Sales Associate would be asked where an item would be located and 5 of 8 times the items where located on the wall sections or center aisle bins.

• Sales associate mentioned that aisle section are not an issue unless customer is looking for a solution to a task

• 2 of 8 customers came into the store having checked the mobile site for item availability.

• 3 of 8 customers came into the store having checked our desktop site for item availability.

• Most customers would find aisle locator useful when researching item availability in chosen store.

Pain points to take into account:

• When associate was asked what the main use of the store map was, his response was to look at the free standing displaya and bins

• Sales associate would find aisle locator useful if it captured not only aisle but free standing bins and wall sections

Omni- Channel User Journey:


Survey to define look and feel of the background of the header where a survey of 70 participants where collected. Findings provided a clear winner to settle internal debate and have a finalized UI for development implementation.

•  Version A (Clean) won over Version B (Wood Background).

•  Version A proved to be most related to the following words: Business, Work, Professional Services, Finance, Professional, Retail, Office Supplies

• Version B proved to be most related to the following words: Product Based, Hardware or Appliance Store, Home Decor, Healthcare office

• When asked which looks more professional Version A won

•  When asked of the two which would you most likely feel confident in completing an order on Version A won

I have attached some screen of the results below:

More samples are available upon request.